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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I keep my popcorn fresh?

Following are some recommendations for helping to extend your popcorn's freshness:

  • Do not open the package until you are ready to eat it.It stays fresh for 60 days from production date. 

  • Do not expose the product to adverse weather conditions (rain, sleet, heat , sun, etc.).

  • Once opened, store popcorn in an airtight container at room temperature.

  • Do not refrigerate, reheat or microwave any of our products.


Is your popcorn really handmade? 
Yes & No! LET'S POPCORN makes its  popcorn the artisan way - by hand in small  and individual batches. It takes us longer, but we think you can taste the difference this way. We pop our kernels in heavy air poppers , and toss it while still warm with our different flavors . We are ruthless about batches that don't meet our standards. This is one more  big difference between us and other popcorn in the market. It's Organically air-popped without oil, streamed with Canola that makes it healthier snack. Organic stands for the healthier processing and preparation methodologies we are popping our products. We do import products from different vendors, always seeking the best products available in the market. 


I have allergies...are your products free from peanuts, tree nuts, nut oils, and/or dairy?

Only some of our products actually contain  nuts or nut products. We cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely free from allergic ingredients during cooking, processing or packaging. Popcorn is included on the list of foods that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not serving to children under four, because of the risk of choking.


Where can I find nutritional information about your popcorn?

Let’s popcorn is made from the very best ingredients. Click here to get all the details on our Nutritional Information page.

is your products contains a nonGMO corn ? 

YES, we do import our corn kernels from fine farms located across USA. You can find the certificate from one of our vendors describing their products. 

Why you removed your old online ordering system ? 

We are expanding rapidly  and local markets now are packed with specialized online food ordering system. For that, you will find

LET'S POPCORN in each one of them . for example : 

Talabat , Carriage, Zitaat , Makan , Cravez and more. 

How long it takes to answer my franchise Application ?

Depends on the country and the number of applicants to it. We do study each application carefully and immediately reply to each applicant with Franchise Request Form. Mainly the reply process should not take more than 5 working days. To apply kindly click here 

Why I can not find any emails in your website ? 

to avoid spammers and junk-senders , we do accept your questions through our Contact page 

I have school projects or business presentation, can I use your logo ?  

For personal use only and for limited period of time, yes. Our brand and identity are fully protected by the local law and we do preserve the rights to question any misusing of our brand or identity. 

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