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International Shipping 



1- Download and choose the package type you wish from the ordering form.


2- Fill the fields of the flavors you wish to order and qty of each flavor - Size Med. Pouch.


3- Send the order back to our email ( as mentioned inside the form) .

4- Sales team will contact FedEx to get shipping fees to your doors. This depends on final order weight & Destination.


5- We will send you back the order form along with final total including shipping rates.


6- You can Pay the total in direct bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card through TAP online service . 


7- Once payment is received, we will Ship your order in 2 days, sharing with you the shipment ID ( FedEx reference).


8- Our team will keep tracking the order with you to make sure it reaches you in the agreed time.




Note:  In case if the order got delayed or rejected by your local custom, we will refund you the total amount you paid, except the FedEx shipping charges.

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